Home At Last???

While looking over sites for posting my words, I found dah dah-dah… WordPress! What attracted me to it (as opposed to others) is its superior editing capabilities and site navigation (a humble opinion of course). However, the question remains; Which one of these blog-o-matics are the most popular amidst the Pro-Bloggers? I consider myself sub-novice when it comes to many things, blogging included. Is there anyone around who cares to divulge an answer or opinion as to which blogging site they consider superior? I’d personally like to hear the details, after all, uprooting and moving on is obviously a no-brainer for me now. Now you understand my ulterior mtive for the line of questioning!

If someone will be so kinds as to divulge just how to attach surveys to the blog, I”d like to have those details as well. Surveys, in my opinion can be both fun and entertaining. In lieu of a survey, perhaps I will receive comments about other blogging sites offering both their pros and cons in some logical order.