The eHamStore Auction Service

The eHamStore auction service is the place for Ham Radio operators, SWL’ers, Scanner buffs and Homebrewers to find the very best gear at deep discounts. Find transceivers, power supplies, tubes, vintage equipment, shortwave gear and tons of Ham Shack accessories. Every search or category listing shows the very latest auction items.

Search results and listings may be ordered by:

  • Time Ending Soonest
    • Place your bid at the last minute to WIN!
  • Time Newly Listed
    • Display the very latest items placed on auction.
  • Priced Highest First
    • Quickly find more expensive items such as transceivers, amplifiers and antenna systems.
  • Priced Lowest First
    • Look for tubes, cables, adapters, batteries, parts and accessories

The auction service always offers brand names from major manufacturers Some of those manufacturers are:

Why spend hours searching for discounts! The eHamStore service does almost all the work for you! The service preselects useful listings among thousands of items available.
Using the eHamStore service does not increase the auction price. Shop with confidence, the eHamStore is backed by the worlds largest online auction system.

Early Ham Radio Museum Tour – W2ICE

W2ICE and Early Ham Transmitters

Contributed By Art Weiss – W2ALW

Check Out The New HamInfoBar For Your Browser

HamInfoBar has been designed with the ham radio operator in mind. HamInfoBar provides the latest DX news, articles, cluster spots, propagation report and access to ITU and other ham essential maps.

Some of its many features are a Google powered search box plus ham radio specific search engines, SWL information, RSS reader from top ham radio sites, ham community news and general information, podcasts containing ham radio audio news and broadcast radio, manufacturer links, list of national radio societies Web sites, in depth maps, beacons, PC tools and an email notifier. Watch a flash video of the HamInfoBar here or visit the HamInfoBar Web site.