Apologies And Other Oscillations

 I wanted to take a moment to let my readers know that I have joined forces with others and I am now engaged in a large-scale, multi-year ERP project. As a result, between this project and the attempt to living a pseudo-normal life, it has become somewhat impossible at this time to focus on Amateur Radio and all the other “STUFF” I like to keep tabs on.

Since I have received great comments and the visitor count continues to be very good, I wanted to find a way to continue to support the blog and keep it going strong. For example. suppose you find a relevant article and you want to share it with everyone. If you send me the link (URL) to the article, I will “check in” from time to time and post the article to the blog for all to enjoy. Optionally, include your information if you want credit for forwarding the article to the blog. As always, I am open to any and all suggestions and criticisms.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. ke2yk@hotmail.com

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