Ham to Hike Pacific Crest Trail

Ham to Hike Pacific Crest Trail
(Apr 8, 2008)
— Bruce Prior, N7RR, a contributor to QST, has announced plans to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
later this month. The PCA is 2650 miles long, ranging from the
California-Mexico border all the way to the Canadian border and
reaching an altitude of 13,153 feet. On April 19, Prior will begin the
journey near Campo, California with hopes of reaching Manning Park,
British Columbia in late September or early October. Prior will bring
along his Elecraft KX1 with the 30 meter/80 meter module, as well as
resonant half-wavelength dipole antennas for the 80, 40, 30 and 20
meter bands. While not planning to do any pedestrian-mobile contacts,
Prior said he will wait until he has set up camp for the evening before
getting on the air: “Occasionally I may decide to operate in the
daytime, such as from the summit of (9399 ft.) Mount Baden-Powell (9399
feet) or at the California-Oregon border on the PCT.” For more
information on frequencies, times and nets that Prior will be on,
please visit his blog. According to the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA),
approximately 300 people attempt to hike the entire trail from
end-to-end each year. The trip usually takes between four and six
months. Around 180 complete the hike each year. The route is mostly
through National Forest and, where possible, protected wilderness
areas. The trail avoids civilization in favor of scenic and pristine
mountainous terrain with few roads, passing through the Laguna, San
Jacinto, San Bernardino, San Gabriel, Liebre, Tehachapi and Sierra
Nevada ranges in California, and the Cascade Range in California,
Oregon and Washington.

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