Tiny station recreates old-time radio

By RYAN PAGELOW The (Waukegan) Lake County News Sun
July 25, 2008
ANTIOCH, Ill. – From his back yard in Antioch, Jay Lichtenauer broadcasts old-time radio shows like “Jack Benny” and “The Shadow” from a low-powered AM transmitter that’s not much bigger than a shoebox on a pole with an antenna.

Although only those living within a mile of his home can clearly hear the station at AM 1710, the station streams online and is somewhat of a kingpin in its niche of broadcasting radio shows from the 1920s through the 1950s.

Full Story Here: Chicago Tribune

Radio alert system is up and running


The borough’s AM radio alert system is now up and running, with the antenna installed earlier this year in time for hurricane season.

In a posting on the borough Web site, Emergency Management Coordinator Harold E. Spedding reminds borough residents they can now tune to 1670 on their AM dials for the latest weather information relating to the Jersey Shore.

“We all should note that while Hurricane Bertha is hundreds of miles from us, it is causing dangerous rip tides along our beaches,” he said in the posting on www.tuckertonborough.com. “By listening to this station from time to time each day, there is no reason we should be caught unaware by higher than normal tides.”

Spedding said emergency management also is in the process of installing warning signals to alert residents to dangerous situation.

A Civilian Emergency Response Team training program for Ocean County residents is scheduled in October and amateur radio (ham) licensing training programs will be offered in Atlantic County at the end of July.

For information about the Ocean County CERT training program or the ham radio licensing training program, call (609) 296-1601 or (609) 226-8815.

The MDI Air Car – Not Ham Radio But Interesting

I use this program called Stumble to randomly visit Web Sites.  This one was too good to pass up.  The video says it all. Expect these cars to show up in the US by 2010.