The PC vs Mac Controversy Rages On

Browsing the Internet with Stumble always turns up someting new to think about, try or check out. Last night’s Stumbling turned up an article about the PC vs Mac controversy again.

The article went on to compare a Dell Inspiron 518 with Vista Home against an IMac with OS X and was based on a very reasonable hardware/price comparison. What peaked my interest in the article was the price difference. I thought it was worth mentioning here because there are people who do need a bit of guidance with home PC purchases. Without going into a lot of detail the Inspiron offered a better graphics card, twice the CPU power (Quad Core on the PC vs Dual Core on the IMac) and 2Gb of additional memory for about $450 less.  That is a substantial savings for budget minded folks. The price difference is based on the article at the time it was written.

Of course anyone who is a die hard Mac fan will tell you that OS X is a hell of an uplift from Windows Vista. As an IT professional who works on enterprise class systems, I can tell you that OS X runs circles around Windows Vista in terms of reliability and features. To reinforce that fact, I asked one of our corporate Windows desktop guys about their plans to roll out Vista across our 1500+ PC’s. He nearly choked on his coffee. After nearly requiring the Heimlich maneuver, he told me that people have been buying  PC’s and formatting the hard drive and reverting back to XP service pack 3.  For some time as a joke, I have been calling Vista, Microsoft’s XP service pack 4.

The bottom line is that if you are on a somewhat tight budget for a computer, or only want to run Windows-centric applications, then purchasing a Dell Inspiron or any other comparitive system is a very solid selection. However, if you want to take advantage of the outstanding engineering, design, stability and features of an IMac and can squeeze it out of your budget,  I would highly recommend this superior engineering masterpiece.

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