An Interactive Stroll Through Radio Shack History

A Page Out Of Radio History

A Page Out Of Radio History

As most of us know, in 2006 Radio Shack announced that they would no longer sell Amateur Radio Gear.

But the story was radically different in 1939. Radio Shack was the prime seller of radio gear back in those days.

If your browser supports Adobe Flash Player or Java Script visit this interactive copy of  the 1939 Radio Shack  catalog.

‘WøWCR’ — Spells fun for Ham Radio operators

Jan. 5, 2008
By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

HOWARD LAKE, MN – When the weather warms up, several “hams” will descend upon Howard Lake’s Memorial Park, and erect a sign that reads WøWCR above a collection of portable radios.

Ham Radio Field Day Fun

To any amateur radio operator that first sentence makes perfect sense, and indicates that the Wright County Amateur Radio Society will be in town to conduct its annual field day event.

Each year, the WøWCR, or Wright County Amateur Radio Society, conducts a two-day emergency communications drill in a different area of the county.

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