Inappropriate Transmissions During Emergencies? What’s Next?

From the ARRL Web site and the 7/24/09 ARRL Letter:

Inappropriate Use of Amateur Radio: The Board authorized the President to appoint an ad hoc committee to prepare guidelines for use by the amateur community and others to identify inappropriate uses of Amateur Radio, while preserving our role of providing communications during times of disasters and for public service events. The Board asked the committee to present its findings to the Executive Committee within 30 days.fcc

In recent months the FCC has started an all out war on the way Amateur Radio Operators serve their communities. Once again the Feds are quick to demonstrate their lack of regard for the service Amateur Radio Operators provide. They seem to readily discount the potential Hams have to saves lives and property during disasters.

Does the ARRL really need to create new and amend existing guidelines to pave the way for Amateur Radio Operators to work with the Feds? Why are more regulations necessary to allow Amateurs to do what they have done for a very long time? I just can’t believe that big government and the ARRL have to stick their noses further into the goings on of the Amateur Radio Service.

We all agree that using Amateur Radio properly makes sense. But when those rules prevent a (paid) local emergency manager from talking about an ARES matter with a volunteer ARES leader over the air,  in my opinion, the FCC has begun to outlive it’s usefulness.

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2 comments on “Inappropriate Transmissions During Emergencies? What’s Next?

  1. I agree more regulation is NOT the answer

    Common sense approach is more what we need
    not only with respect to ARES but the hobby as a whole !

    I doubt we will see a change from the current direction
    which is more and more regulatory stance
    along with more request from the ARRL for donations
    from it’s members !



  2. I’m not sure how the FCC has started an “all out war on the way Amateurs Radio Operators serve their communities” as you claim. If you’re talking about the various NIMS certifications that have popped up as requirements recently, that wasn’t the FCC’s doing, that was the Department of Homeland Security (the department implemented by the administration wanting less government). The FCC doesn’t really stick its nose in how we do emcomm, as long as it abides by the rules.

    I think I know what the ARRL’s motivation is for this action. There have been reports of some public safety/first responder organizations requiring employees to acquire amateur licenses. I don’t know how widespread it is or if it’s really anything to get concerned about. But there are amateurs complaining about it. (I’m not concerned because I have little interest in emcomm and I think our value in that area has dwindled.)

    How does a “more regulatory stance” (sic) translate to a request for ARRL donations? If the FCC were to issue an R&O from this, what would donations do? And the ARRL isn’t even suggesting FCC action or involvement. It’s a bit of a stretch to bash ARRL on this one.


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