2010 – Ham Radio University(LI NY)

2010 Ham Radio University

Ham Radio University

Spreading Ham Radio Knowledge and Know How
“A day of education to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and fellowship among Amateur Radio operators”

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First Chinese Amateur Radio Satellite Now In Space:

AMSAT China (CAMSAT http://www.camsat.cn/) reports that at around 0230 UTC on December 15, China launched its first Amateur Radio satellite — named XW-1 http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/satellites/satInfo.php?satID=116&retURL=satellites/futures.php — into space.


The microsatellite — a secondary payload aboard the CZ-4C rocket launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center — was launched into a Sun-synchronous orbit with an apogee of approximately 1200 kilometers. XW-1 successfully reached orbit at 0253 UTC. Members of the XW-1 launch team reported they received a beacon from the satellite shortly after the satellite deployed. In the first few days, the XW-1 team will work on the satellite’s FM and store-forward transponder mode and its linear transponder mode. Once those tests are complete, they will upload a new flight program to set up the payload schedule. The satellite’s communications payload includes a beacon and three crossband transponders operating in FM, SSB/CW and digital modes. Uplink and downlink frequencies can be found on the CAMSAT Web site http://www.camsat.cn/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=56&Itemid=67. For the latest Keplerian elements for XW-1 and other satellites, check out the W1AW Keplerian Bulletins http://www.arrl.org/w1aw/kep/.


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AM FM WX & 2 Meters? HUH???

An interesting combo. This receiver reminds me of the old Grundig Yacht Boy but for the vhf spectrum. If you are the curious type like I am, here’s more info and a link to the web site.

CC Radio For 2 Meters

“FM reception is a little better than the CCRadioplus while the Weather Band can keep you informed of any government-issued alerts. The addition of the 2-Meter Ham band may make the CCRadio-2 a life saver during an emergency like hurricane Katrina. 2-Meter Ham operators are early on the scene and they donate their time while handling perhaps 90% of the emergency coordination efforts. The CCRadio-2 can act like a simple radio scanner and search the five memories for ham operator communications. The sensitivity (squelch) can be adjusted for best results. More information about the 2-Meter Ham Band can be found at CCRadio.com/2-meter.”