Universal Radio Surprise!

Now I am not one for surprises! I really don’t like them at all. But on Friday I got a call from Tony the used radio manager from Universal Radio and he told me that he had located a mic for me. (see my other Universal article called Buyer Beware!).

Tony was a bit nervous but I quickly put him at ease by letting him know that I was not bent out of shape about the problem and proceeded to throw in a joke or two. Tony told me that things were not going well for him personally and was glad that I put him at ease.

As I listened to his problems, I quickly became glad that I was not in his line of work. It appears that selling used equipment presents all kinds of problems with returns of used equipment.

In summary, Tony explained that he was going to send the mic out. So now I sit and wait, hoping that the mic is in reasonable condition and it actually plugs in this time.

Stay Tuned.

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