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eHamStore Dot Net

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Many of you are probably not aware of the differences of blogging with and Then again, many of you probably don’t care. In any case, I thought I’d share some information and explain why you have not seen new posts here lately.

To put it in simple terms, setting up a based blog requires more work and some out-of-pocket expenses but it also allows for far more control over how the blog is created and managed.

It’s really the best of both worlds. Using the free code offers the advantage of leveraging the years of development by the WordPress team while opening up the ability to homebrew any part of the code base.

As a result I have set up a second domain under my company name  The eHamStore and have been enjoying the freedom of the new format.

The theme of the new blog is a ‘work in progress’ collection of interesting and fun Ham Radio videos and articles I have been collecting from various stops around the net. The Huck Finn article is a great example of the fun and informative information found on various sites. Of course prior to posting articles from other blogs, the author is contacted for reposting approval!

The latest post is a video about Ham Radio operators DXing from various bases around Antarctica. I hope you enjoy your visit to the new blog as much as I have had in putting it together.

If you know of or have interesting or informative articles or videos about Ham Radio you’d like to have posted, feel free to contact me!

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