Loading Up A Bedspring?

This one was just too good to pass up!

Written By Stan WB2LQF:

I searched many shoe boxes up in the attic over the last week to find this card. I knew I had it; just didn’t know exactly where. Look closely at the comment about me having had my foot in a water bucket. Sam was referring to the fact that I was actually loading my bedspring for this contact. It was 1966, I was 18, and this was one of my last contacts before I headed off to the Navy. I had a Knight-Kit T-60 transmitter that used a hardy 6DQ6B for the final. I had no antenna at this time so I just connected the chassis of the T-60 to the dial stop on our old black rotary phone. I knew from experience that the phone company had a good ground because my crystal radios always worked better when connected to the phone’s dial stop. Then I attached a piece of wire to my bed’s steel spring and stuck the other end into the SO-239 on the transmitter. God only knows what the SWR was. I had 60 watts input and no idea of what the output was. But as the card confirms, we had a nice long CW chat during which I got to tell Sam exactly what was sending my signal to him.

Dumb ass that I was at 18, I actually thought it was *possible* to load a bedspring.

People often joke about “loading a bedspring”. I actually did it!


October 13th – Tech License Prep Class + VE Session

The Suffolk County Radio Club will be hosting an all day Technician Prep Class followed by a VE session. The location is the Grace Lutheran Church located at 240 Mastic Road Mastic NY.  Contact Jim Fehling n2jfdny@gmail.com for detailed information.

Simulated Emergency Test 2012

MSFC Amateur Radio Club (old site)

It is that time of year again .!.
Every year the ARRL‘s Amateur Radio Emergency Service conducts a test (SET) of their operational readiness and preparedness plans for managing a communications emergency. This year our test in Huntsville/Madison County Alabama will be in conducted in association with the HMCEMA. We have contacts within many local and regional agencies that would like to participate with us. Our exercise will be held on Saturday, Oct.6 2012 ; starting sometime after 8am, and concluding somewhere around noon. We don’t disclose many details before the exercise, to keep participants prepared for anything.We will toss in a few surprises along the way to add some excitement. We expect to have a picnic downtown in Big Springs Park after the exercise concludes.

The Marshall Amateur Radio ClubWA4NZD will participate in this exercise; and fortunately, we have our monthly meeting…

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