Here we go again – the Chinese are determined to be the world’s leader in all goods for all nations! This crap is just the start of taking over the #1 economic spot in the world economy.

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Anytone AT-5555, Maas DX-5000, K-PO DX-5000, Intek HR-5500, Superstar 6900N, CRE 8900 – rings any bells? Inside – and in most cases outside – they’re all the same 10 meters all-mode radios.


Then there’s the Anytone AT-5888UV, also sold under the names Intek and CRT.


Anytone’s 588 series of mono-band radios can be found under various names too. Just a few: Anytone, Dynascan, TYT, Zastone,

at-588Wouxun isn’t picky either, selling their KG-UVD1P hand-held to a number of other companies, who in turn stick on their own name. Midland is a well-known variety here in Europe.

Midland CT 790-700x700

Even the KG-UV920R/P can now be found under other names, such as Dynascan. The good thing about this Spanish version: SO-239 has been replaced by N.


Bottom line: Chinese brand names aren’t worth anything and don’t mean anything. Therefore I agree with Brick O’Lore, who recently posted about this. The stickers on the…

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Vintage ARRL Video – “Enjoy The Flicker”

Vintage ARRL ham radio movie. Converted from 16mm film to video tape many years ago, and now from that ancient VHS to digital. Enjoy the flickering screen, and especially the funky organ music backgrounds! heavy focus on Morse code, which of course is no longer a requirement.

From the desk of Russ, KH6JRM:

Many thanks to KF5OEF for finding this little gem. This vintage film takes me back to the days of my old HW-101, the D-104 mike, and the trusty 40 meter dipole strung between two pine trees near the old sugar plantation in Honokaa (along the Hamakua Coast of Hawaii Island). When I worked cw (which was most of the time), I used an old J-38 key (which I still have). Things seemed simplier and more civil in those days 36 years ago. How time flies. Amateur Radio is still fun, despite the few obnoxious operators I run into on 75 and 20 meters. Thanks for the memories! Aloha de Russ, KH6JRM.

Now they want to charge a lot of money for the product. Is it worth it? What’s your opinion?

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Review of Ham Radio Deluxe radio control software for the PC (RT @Hamradio_Ticker: RT @K0PIR: Ham Radio Deluxe review: via @youtube

Russ Roberts‘s insight:

Interesting presentation. Fairly easy to follow. Ham Radio DeLuxe has its supporters and detractors….as in most cases, "your mileage may vary." Aloha de KH6JRM

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