PAR End FedZ Antennas – Unique and Efficient

Received my EF 10-20-40 PAR End FedZ Antenna in the mail yesterday. Hoping to get it in the air to start testing later today. Used N2JFD’s at a recent Scout event and had to have my own. I am like that!

par end fedz 10-20-40

PAR End FedZ 10-20-40

The design of the PAR END FEDZ is unique and if you trim it properly, you can take the autotuner out of line.

As we all know when running QRP, you need the RF to enter the airwaves, not spin around inside the autotuner!
Find out more about this amazing design: .

Baofeng Gear Has Vastly Improved!

BAOFENG UV-5R I have to admit the Baofeng HT’s have come a long way. To set the record straight, I am first to say that there is no comparison between the quality and features of equipment sold by the big three and these Chinese knockoffs.

However, for a $40 radio it works rather well and is suitable as a gift for a new ham. a grab-n-go radio for camping, fishing, Hamfests or any time you don’t want to have your $300 radio end up lost or swimming with the fishes!

Some time ago I purchased a UV-3R and had all kinds of stray RF getting into the front end. It was so annoying, I sold it within two weeks. Anyway, with much cajoling on the local repeater I finally broke down and bought my next “throw away” radio. This time I chose the Baofeng UV-5R Plus.

While there is nothing really unique about the Baofeng UV-5R Plus, it does have a sturdier case than the other UV-5R’s. After downloading the daily build of CHIP I was able to use all the features of the HT. In addition, with the daily build I was able to determine that the firmware is newer.

Modified BAOFENG BL-5L Extended Battery

Modified BAOFENG BL-5L Extended Battery

One caveat worth mentioning is that the extended battery model BL-5L does not fit the UV-5R PLUS. However, that problem can be easily remedied with a dremel tool. I did my modification within a few minutes.