From Bad Name Worse? Baofeng to ????

Baofeng Rebrands Itself To Avoid The Confusion ūüôā


According to the Baofeng Website, the company has decided to re-brand its products for the international markets. Baofeng states the change is necessary due to the explosive growth on the international scene and the confusion with the pronunciation of the name Boafeng! In their infinite wisdom they plan to change the name to POFUNG!BAOFENG TO POFUNG

IMHO, whether it’s Szechuan or Cantonese, none of these names like PUXING, BAOFENG, WOUXUN or now POFUNG makes any difference. I guess renaming it to POFUNG is better than trying to place some derivative of an Chinglish name on it. Why not call the radio Moo Goo Gai Pan or Chow Mein, something we can all relate to?

In any event, the next time you visit one of those stores listed in the News at Baofeng¬†article,¬†be sure to take the BAO out of the FENG and add the PO into the DUNG… sorry I meant FUNG! Please remember not to¬†flung your DUNG or FUNG in my direction!


Museum Ships Weekend! June 7 and 8!

Battleship New Jersey  NJ2BBOne of the things I enjoy about the hobby is to work special event stations.

Now I am not as dedicated as I should be but this weekend is Museum Ships Weekend. As someone who served in the Navy I guess you could say the old ships hold a certain fascination for me.

Well this weekend, conditions permitting, I am going to try for the certificate that is being offered.

The last time I worked toward a certificate was for the 13 colonies special event. Yep, it’s still hanging in the shack. I was especially proud of this one because I managed to get the extra Liberty Bell endorsement too.

Since my QTH is on a postage stamp sized lot, it takes additional creativity to get a barefoot rig to produce enough signal to cut through the massive amount noise which is crammed into a tiny slice of the band.

Why not try your hand at the certificate too? Click on the image for all the details about this special event and how to file for your certificate.


Worked Em!




For years I have needed 2 states for WAS. Yep! That’s right – I needed SD and AK.

Well I don’t usually pound¬†the brass in the evening any more but tonight for some strange reason I fired up the PC / DM780 and the old TS450S.

After a lot of huffing and puffing I got about 80 watts out of the old girl. Never thought I’d hear a pile up for South Dakota but guess what? I was wrong again! Now this is no exotic Island or rare DX but I managed to work W8MHW on 20 CW.

Now all I need is AK. LOL