13 Colonies Special Event!


Ya gotta love this one folks!

I try work it QRP each year.

Got my last QRP CLEAN SWEEP back in 2012.

This truly is a FUN EVENT with one SWEET award for the ham shack!

Visit the 13 Colonies Web Site For Details

13 colonies image

Going QRP Portable Again

Been messing around with The Alexloop and old TenTec R4030 on the patio lately.

Not very happy with the performance on the Alexloop.

But band conditions are very poor.

Guess its time to put it back in the closet and try the QRPGUYS 203040 vertical.

72 de KE2YK

Independence Day Special Event

Event Date: July 4-8

Event Title: Independence Day Special Event

Location: Mills River, NC


Talk In:

Public Contact Info: Contact me via email for any questions about the event.

Pubic Contact Phone: 828-551-4661

Public Contact Email: junior@netriplex.com