The NJQRP Club’s 9th Annual “Skeeter Hunt”

The NJQRP Club has announced their 9th Annual ” Skeeter Hunt”.  The idea is to get us cranky old hams to take our homebrew or commercial QRP equipment out in the field.

Come on, you remember… QRP in the fresh air and sunshine! Instead of being bit by skeeters (which will probably happen anyway) it’s to have QRPers fill the airwaves as “Skeeters“. 

Using commercial gear is FB but those using homebrew gear will get extra stars on their next report card! (I never got any of those in grammar school).   

This year, the FUN event is to be held on Sunday August 16th, 2020.  It will be a four hour sprint – from 17:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC (1:00 TO 5:00 PM EDT).

For all the gory details about this FUN on the air event, visit the W2LJ Blog.

72 es 73 de KE2YK

Great Ham Radio Prices at

Having good use out of the hamsticks that I bought from Craig’s ham radio store in the past, I ordered both a 6 and 17 meter hamstick for Parks on the Air and some of my other crazy operating and antenna experiments from Craig’s store again yesterday.

Since 2003, has been selling ham radio gear for reasonable prices up in Maine. Check out Craig’s about page for store info.

As always, I compare prices with Amazon. Amazon sells MFJ hamsticks while sells Workman brand. Guess its safe to assume both are manufactured in china. A sad reality these days!

Amazon hamsticks were around $12 more than the Workman hamsticks at Craig’s store and, unlike Amazon, no sales tax is charged. So I saved roughly $16 since there were shipping costs. IMHO that is a good saving on 2 items.

In summary, before hunting around for ham radio gear, you may save quite a bit as I did by shopping at

What is better than supporting a fellow ham and saving $$$ at the same time.

72 es 73 de Gary Ke2yk