N1YZ’s Outstanding List of HF Nets

I’m feeling a but lazy this Sunday morning so I’m just adding this quick note about Rod Scott’s detailed list of HF nets. I ran across Rod’s work some time ago and previously added it to the blog’s links sections. However, Rod’s work is definitely worth its own post.

While I’m not much of an SSB op myself, I do enjoy operating SSB during my Parks on the Air activations. Occasionally I check into ECARS and poke around on other HF nets.

Rod has done a super job of laying out a large list HF nets with the google sheets app. Wen accessing his web page, you are presented a “view only mode” of his work.

View only allows you to set temporary filters and/or sort on specific columns to order the information to your liking. Rod has also provided a way to share the link to his work, email a copy out it to others and provides several download options as well.

N1YZ’s detailed list HF Nets is a really good reference tool for those who enjoy HF nets. Check his work in my links section or click here.

Depending on W1FE’s plans, I may get to do a Parks on the Air activation later today!

Enjoy your Sunday!

73 de KE2YK