N3FJP Amateur Radio Study Guide

 Glenn Davis, N3FJP is the author of Logging Software for Amateur Radio operators. Among his outstanding logging apps, Glenn has recently provided a freely available Study Guide for all 3 levels of Amateur Radio license. Glenn explains that his young children Chris and Brad showed an interest in Amateur Radio. So Glenn decided to help them and created a study guide to further assist them with their studies.

At some point Glen decided that his software would be useful to others, so Glen polished up his work and has made his study guide freely available for anyone interested in any of the 3 classes of license. 

As Glen states, “Please enjoy it and share it with anyone you know that may be interested in getting their license or upgrading! This site will help newcomers to the hobby obtain their very first license, or help existing hams upgrade to a new one! And more hams on the air gifts us all more potential QSO’s and QSL cards on the wall!”

The study guide will run in any browser. No downloads are required. Find our more about N3FJP’s outstanding study guide.

72 until next time de KE2YK