Quick Review – Wouxun KG-UV8E Tri Band HT

Wouxun KG-UV8EBought the Wouxun KG-UV8E based on the good experience I had with the KG-UVD1P.

The Color display is very good and rather large for an HT.

The 2600 mAh battery life is exceptionally good and does not drain when powered off as the KG-UVD1P does.

A group of us locals have access to a 1.25 meter repeater and performance on the band is very good even on low power.

The channel / VFO Knob gets tight in spots and the screw holding rubber side cover was so loose it was ready to fall out.

Very loud reception causes the speaker to be distorted.

After purchasing the radio, I found out that there is and E and T version. The difference is that a factory reset of the E version causes the firmware to reboot to Chinese while the T version reboots to English. Of course flipping through the Ching-lish manual will save your day with the E version.

Since I only had an old (pain in the ass) Prolific chipped programming cable I also purchased the Red programming cable. The Red cable was hassle free with Windows 10. No monkeying around with the old drivers from the stone age as is the case with the old Prolific chip. Unlike the expensive RT Systems cables, the red cable was around $15. By the way, the Red cable also works for Baofeng and I’d imagine some Kenwood HT’s as well.

Again no radio is perfect but for the price it was a decent buy for the additional 1.25 meter band. If you are looking for specs or videos, Google it. There is no point in regurgitating the same information that’s already available on countless other Web sites.

KX3 Sees The Light of Day!

Ke2yk's Elecraft KX3



After being told by a fellow QRP’er that 15 CW has been up recently, I managed to drag my KX3 out of its Pelican case this morning.

Its been awhile since it has seen the light of day. Didn’t see much point to powering it on since my main antenna has been down for some time and the amazing Par End Fedz that I jury rigged in the yard some time ago has been beat to hell by the lousy winter and the high winds here in the Northeast.

After being very surprised by the fact that the auto-tuner was able to tune without moaning and groaning, I thought what the hell.

I tuned down to 21.025 and started hearing Europe. What was even more of a surprise is that I was able to work stations @ 5 watts on the first attempt.

That doesn’t say much about my skills but it says a HELL OF A LOT about that Par End Fedz antenna.

Another Flaky iTunes Install…

iTunesIn all the years I was forced to conform to the corporate Windows standard, I had never been comfortable with the instability of the OS’es spewing forth from the bowels of Redmond WA. As a ‘NIX engineer on global financial systems, the PC always felt like a toy waiting to log its very next MTBF. (meantime between failures)

Now that I am retired, I don’t have to rely on the continuous faux pas coming from Redmond which I then needed to create conforming reports and slideshows.

Having no desire to drop two grand on a Mac (my preference is LinuxMint on an old Intel Dual Core PC) causes me to use Windoze 7 for various Ham Radio and other software products. Enter iTunes for the 64 bit Windoze 7 Platform.

Since I am not an iTunes power user, I don’t keep up with the latest and greatest iTunes updates. On occasion I will use it to back up and sync my iPhone. I don’t play music, read books or watch Movies on my iPhone 5. Never did, never will.

Recently I wanted to try out an app which required me to sync my iPhone via iTunes. That’s where the trouble began. It had nothing to do with the app itself by the way. In its infinite wisdom, iTunes wanted to perform yet another self update.

To start with, I am adamant about a squeaky clean Windows PC. With every hacker in the world interested in penetrating the operating system, I have 3 levels of protection from viruses and malware on constant vigil. I use Avast, Malwarebytes and run CCleaner on occasion.

This time the iTunes update left me in the gutter. After installing the self update and rebooting the Windoze 7 wonder of the world, I received one of those error messages stating that MSVCR80.dll no longer resides within the clockwork of the Windows directory.

Like anyone else with this of issue, my first attempt was to Google It to determine if this is a well known and perhaps documented problem. Bingo! Typing in msvcr80.dll is missing yielded over 69k results. As expected with the Windoze world there was every imaginable type of response to the problem.

The method I found the most amusing was to install a fresh copy of Windows! At that point I began to LMAO. After searching the file system I found that I had multiple copies of MSVCR80.dll installed.

The fix was plain as day. No didn’t install a fresh copy from the recovery drive or roll back to one of those system created restore points which are usually missing the last 50 or so Windows updates.

Should you run into this problem, bring up the control panel, under Programs, select uninstall a program, sort the entries by publisher name and then delete everything owned by Apple Inc. except the iCloud control panel.

Next download and perform a fresh install of iTunes. Reboot and with any luck  your PC will resume life as mine did before the iTunes self update corrupted the system registry.

Finally, for safety’s sake reboot once more and if successful, manually create your own restore point.