The eHamStore – Transceivers – Scanners – Vintage

The eHamStoreSome people complain about eBay for various reasons. But one of eBay’s assets is that it offers buyer protection. In addition, there are some Ham Radio parts which are hard to find through the normal channels.

The eHamStore covers the usual Ham Radio and Scanner gear but also includes a vintage section as well as pages for items like tubes. Why not take a spin over to The eHamStore and browse around, check out prices or maybe find that rare piece of gear you are after. Hey, you never know.

Best of all, no signups are ever required. Why not visit The eHamStore  today!

eBay Shopper’s Guide for Ham Radio Ops

 Now in its 5th year of operation, is still offering the best of what eBay has to offer when it comes to Ham Radio and Police Scanner gear. Since many of you have probably not considered looking over The eHamStore as a place to bid on or purchase Ham Radio and Police Scanner gear, I wanted to put a quick buyers guide together to help buyers  navigate around the  eBay listings at and to help potential  buyers realize that eBay offers buyer protection not found on other sites. Please take a few minutes to check out this buyers guide to eBay and take my short poll at the end of the article. Also please feel free to comment on your eBay / Ham Radio shopping experiences.  Thanks!

The Quick eBay Buyers Guide:

  eBay bills itself as an auction site.  The reality is that it’s more of a giant yard sale or never-ending Hamfest.  Go straight to the search bar on the eBay main page, type in anything you might be looking  for, and odds are pretty good that you will find at least one for sale. It’s rare when you don’t come up with at least one of what you are looking for. The downside is that spelling errors in listings can be a bit frustrating from time to time.

There are two types of eBay listings.

  Auctions feature an end time of anywhere from a few days to a week.  Entering a maximum bid is OK but the site only shows the maximum bid you need to win the item. Don’t do this unless you want to pay the top dollar for the item or it’s something you cannot live without. The best way to get the item you want is to become an auction sniper and pounce on the item during the last-minute. Place your final bid during the last few seconds of the auction.

  The other type of listing (the more popular these days) is Buy It Now.  These are basically simple for sale listings where you agree to buy the item for a specific price. There’s no drama, just a quick and smooth transaction. One thing to be aware of is to review shipping costs prior to placing a bid or buying an item.  Shipping costs vary wildly from listing to listing. It’s possible to purchase an item at a higher price and actually save a few dollars when you factor in the potential savings on shipping costs.

  Always remember that you are buying from a seller not eBay. Fortunately, eBay has a feedback system. What that means is that you can quickly review the seller’s trustworthiness.  The seller can leave feedback on you as the buyer as well. Once you submit payment, the type, size and location of the item will determine how fast you receive it.

  Since eBay owns PayPal, all credit card transactions are processed via PayPal. For reasons that are unknown to me, people don’t like opening a PayPal account.  My personal experience over the years has been 100% positive. Perhaps one time buyers see no need to open a PayPal account and think negatively about something they don’t understand. I have found it to be safe, secure and convenient. PayPal also offers extra protection on purchases when PayPal is used as the payment method.

  Using eBay as reference for prices is a huge reason to think eBay. If you want to know what an item is going for and you just want to shop around, what better place to look online than eBay.  Again, you need to have some idea of  what an item is really worth and what you are willing to spend before you start digging around on the site.  Patience is often rewarded with a reasonable price. Read all listings carefully , remember to keep your head and you’ll be fine.

  Like any system, eBay has its imperfections but remember that people all over the world buy and sell millions of items each and every day via eBay / PayPal. As a buyer you may pay a bit for an item but it’s far better to be protected that taking a chance and buying an item from a site like Craig’s List or other Ham Radio sites which offer no buyer protection whatsoever.

12th Annual Ham Radio University 1/9

Ham Radio University

Happy New year everyone! One of the first events out of the gate at the top of the year on Long Island is Ham Radio University. HRU is a day of learning for Ham Radio operators. This year will also be a day for scanner enthusiasts as well.

Located about 40 miles east of New York City, HRU is accessible from all the points on the compass. Come on, you do remember that analog device don’t you? Find the address and directions here:

This year looks like it’s going to be the best schedule of guest speakers to date. Guest speakers are there for you to learn from and to  “pick their brains” for that info you just can’t seem to find elsewhere.

So here’s the line up as I received it. Look it over and make up your schedule for the day. Each moderator is well versed in the area of interest and I am sure all questions will be answered. Imagine, all of this learning and more for only 3 bucks! How can you go wrong?


9:00 – 9:50am
-Scanner Forum: Phil Lichtenberger W2LIE
-Intro to EMCOMM in NYC/LI: Mike Lisenco N2YBB and Jim Mezey W2KFV
-Operating Six Meters during Cycle 24:  Ken Neubeck WB2AMU
-Transmitter Hunting – locating hidden transmitters: Larry Berger
WA2SUH and Andy Kirschenbaum WA2CDL
-Remote Station Operation: Rick Bressler K2RB

10:00 – 10:50am
-Dealing with RF Interference during reception: Bill Lynch AB2UW
-The EMCOMM experience in Haiti: Ron Tom KE2UK
-Intro to DX’ing and contacting distant stations: Long Island DX
-QRP – low power fun: John Meade W2XS
-Ham Radio Deluxe: Bill Dahl W2ANQ

11:00 – 11:50am
-Grounding for the Ham Station: Don Kane WB2BEZ
-Intro to the National Traffic System: Mike Patino N2BMU and Jim
Kettyle KC2LEB
-DX and Ham Radio from Kuwait: Steve Hass N2AJ
-Working Satellites with your handheld transceiver: Peter Portanova
-HF Digital Modes: Neil Heft KC2KY

12 Noon
-Keynote Speaker: ARRL President Kay Craigie N3KN

1:30 – 2:20pm
-Antennas – how they work and how to build them: Walter Wenzel KA2RGI

-Wireless History – Friends of Long Island Wireless: Connie Currie
-Contesting: All your questions answered: Mel Granick KS2G
-Emergency Power for your home: Jeff Schneller N2HPO
-D-STAR – digital Amateur Radio operating: Randy Gutentag WA2RMZ
-Volunteer Exam Session – Amateur License testing: VE Team

2:30 – 3:20pm
-Antenna Building Workshop ($10 additional fee): Joe Mielko N2IMF
-Young Ham Forum: Lew Malchick N2RQ
-World Radiosport Team Championship (The Ham Radio Olympics): George
Tranos N2GA
-Software Defined Radios: Dr. Jeffrey Katz AC2BQ
-Internet Linking for Amateur Radio: Jonathan Taylor K1RFD

Here is the list of participating organizations at this year’s event:

American Red Cross ECS
Central Jersey D-Star Group
Civil Air Patrol
Friends of L.I. Wireless
Grumman Amateur Radio Club
Great South Bay ARC
Hall of Science ARC
Kings County Radio Club
Kings County Repeater Association (HRU 2011 Sponsor)
Larkfield ARC
Long Island DX Assoc.
Long Island QRP Club
Long Island Mobile ARC
MetroCor Repeater Coord.
Nassau County ARES
Nassau County CERT
Nassau Amateur Radio Club
Nassau County Police ARC
National Weather Service
New York City ARES
Peconic Amateur Radio Club
Radio Central ARC
Staten Island Digital Group
Suffolk County Radio Club
Tri-State SKYWARN Group
Wantagh Amateur Radio Club
US Coast Guard Auxiliary
CQ Communications
Briarcliffe College ARC

There are plenty of door prizes provided by:

CQ Communications
DX Engineering
ELK Antennas
MFJ Enterprises
Radio Oasis

And lots of literature provided by:

Amateur Electronics Supply
Ham Radio Outlet
ICOM America
Kenwood USA Corporation
Texas Towers
Universal Radio

Be certain to put this on your 2011 calendar!  Don’t miss this event! I expect that this year will top all previous attendance records.

So search around the Ham Shack and gather your loose change together. We all know Ham’s are among the cheapest individuals on the planet but 3 bucks won’t break you, promise!

73 and see you there – ke2yk!