About ke2yk


I will keep it brief. I have been around Amateur Radio since the 80’s. About 18 years ago I upgraded to Amateur Extra.
I enjoy working CW on the low bands, having fun contacting special event stations and occasionally working DX. I am a member of two radio clubs right now and try to stay abreast of QRP happenings.
My true passion is working CW/QRP or “back in the day” CW/QRP/M. Yes, I am one of those “nuts” who worked the paddles while driving @ 55 MPH+. Yup, those days are over forever!
The “glory” days of the late 80’s, when the call was new and the HF bands were “loaded” during the peak of that sunspot cycle are truly missed in many ways!
In addition to the pleasure of the low bands over the years, I have held various positions within the local radio clubs. I also serve as an ARRL Volunteer Examiner , worked emergency communications during the Suffolk County, NY Wildfires and I am HazMat certified.
Recently I’ve been getting into DMR and picked up a SharkRF OpenSpot. It’s been fun to “work the world” on DMR from an HT in the easy chair! My DMR ID is: 3136358
MY QRP Numbers Are:
NAQCC 2014 <> QRP ARCI 8047 <> SKCC 15834 <> FISTS 16385 <> FLYING PIGS 3902
Best Regards,
Gary (ke2yk)
Questions? Comments? Complaints? —>> Email Me Here 

13 comments on “About ke2yk

  1. Thank you Gary-Nice site. thank you for being both a Amateur Mentor and a Internet Mentor for me and my 3 sons, now in the electronics industry in part due to your influence—Jeff,Oncology dept.SUNY at StonyBrook, Ryan, Sound/Electronics Engineer,Gary,Musician Art Weiss


  2. I found your website only as a result of a web search. I have never heard of you or your blog. Now I have it bookmarked. People can’t answer your polls unless they know your site exists. On what other sites are you linked? I’ll be back.


    • Sir,
      Thank you for the bookmark. Since my time is very limited, my attention to the blog is not what it once was. I don’t really follow all the SEO stuff related to links, back links, google rankings, etc. I do keep a rough tally of the number of visitors that I have had over the past year or so. That number is only for my amusement. Should you be interested in browsing through new and used amateur radio equipment online, please consider visiting my e-commerce site at http://www.ehamstore.com

      Thanks much for your comment.
      Best Regards
      Gary (ke2yk)


  3. Gary, I have a new, never been used Kenwood TM-261A radio that I would like to sell to someone who really wants it. I have tried Craigslist, but I haven’t had much luck there. I thought I would try some radio clubs but most websites are severely out of date. Would you have any suggestions? Thanks.


  4. Gary, Great site and TU for the great CW contact this morning on 40 which lead me to your site here via QRZ. Lots of reading here so looking forward to that over coffee and another QSO soon. 73 Keith


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