Robert Nagy, AB5N has created an excellent, in-depth YouTube video called the FTDX-10 VS FT-710 Shootout 

N3HAL and I have been evaluating the new FT-710 AESS and the FT-DX10 transceivers for future Parks on the Air activations. According to Sherwood Engineering the front ends in both radio are rated as top performers.  

FT-710 AESS 

The form factors of both radios are nearly identical while the FT-710 is slightly smaller. With this kind of transceiver, weight is somewhat of a consideration. The FT-710 is around 9+ lbs while the FT-DX10 is a hefty 13+. Taking either radio truly portable is totally out of the question. We have QRP radios for portable operations. Operating with a 100 watt rig is doable in a vehicle during inclement weather or a picnic bench on summer days.  

At Ham Radio Outlet, the FT-710 price range hovers around $1050 while the FT-DX10 is priced around $1400. The receiver design of the FT-710 is direct sampling while the FT-DX10 uses a traditional mixer front end. To compensate for the lack of direct sampling in the FT-DX10, Yaesu offers an optional roofing filter for an additional $175.


The FT-DX10 has a large number of buttons and hams have complained that the buttons to the left of
the VFO are very difficult to access without knocking the radio off frequency. 

The FT-DX10 can display CW and other incoming digital information but the FT-710 lacks that feature. The FT-710 AESS feature produces better receive audio when mixing the audio between internal and matching external speaker.