The Xiegu X6100 is an ultra-portable shortwave transceiver that utilizes the SDR (Software Defined Radio) platform architecture to deliver excellent performance. It comes equipped with a powerful baseband and RF unit and boasts a range of operating functions, providing an exceptional amateur radio experience. The X6100 also features a transmitting and receiving separated dual-channel structure, 24-bit sampling, and a large dynamic RF front-end unit, enabling it to achieve high radio transmitting and receiving indicators. This radio is ideal for those looking for a portable and powerful transceiver for amateur radio use.

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Benefits of firmware updates:

Firmware updates are important because they improve the performance of the radio and fix any issues that have been identified since its release. Additionally, firmware updates may be required for the radio to remain compliant with regulations, as evidenced by the XIEGU X6100’s CE certification. It is important to regularly check for and install firmware updates to ensure the best possible performance from the radio.

It is worth noting that firmware updates should be installed with caution. Radio operators should carefully read the release notes for each update to ensure that they understand any changes or new features being introduced. Additionally, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid damaging the radio during the update process.

The XIEGU X6100 QRP Transceiver.

Overview of R1CBU Firmware Update:

The R1CBU beta firmware is an alternate, non-destructive beta firmware for the XIEGU X6100 radio. It includes additional features and enhancements not available in the original firmware. The R1CBU beta firmware can be downloaded from the link below and flashed onto an SD card using software such as Balena Etcher.

The update includes new features, such as a waterfall display, spectrum analyzer, audio equalizer, and more. For detail on the firmware, follow the information link below. Follow the video above to find out how to use the firmware with your X6100. The R1CBU firmware provides additional features and enhancements to the XIEGU X6100 radio, making it a popular non-destructive alternative firmware for X6100 users.

Click here for information about the R1CBU firmware update.
Click here to download the R1CBU firmware update.

How to install R1CBU firmware to your SD Card:

At the time of this post, the R1CBU firmware version was 0.14.0

Using Etcher:

  1. Download and install Etcher from the official website.
  2. Connect your SD Card to your computer.
  3. Launch Etcher.
  4. Etcher will find and make your SD card ready (provided that it is formatted).
  5. Click “Select Image” button and browse for the on your computer.
  6. Click “Flash” to begin the installation process.
  7. When complete, remove your SD Card from your computer.

Features of the R1CBU Firmware Update

Note: Follow the link above for more accurate details about the features. Some of the items in this list are currently in the planning stages.

  • Spectrogram, waterfall, and RXTX modes
  • Filter settings, split working on VFO A and B, mic settings
  • Tuner, attenuation, preamp, and automatic gain control
  • Vox setting, not filter noise blank or noise reducer, CW key, battery, and external power info clock
  • S meter, power and SWR meters, RIT and XIT works, and SWR graph
  • DX on all bands, legal to transmit CB 27 MHz 11 meters portrait view walkie-talkie
  • Sliding frequency, band plan editor, CW decoder, ready receive decoder, and pretty TX
  • BPSK FT8, whisper, image, SSTV receive and transmit, voice assistant, logbook built-in, external SDR, USB keyboard, and Bluetooth keyboard.

Find out more about the XIEGU X6100 here.


The R1CBU firmware update is specifically for the digital receiver module used in the XIEGU X6100 and other XIEGU radios. This firmware update provides several improvements and new features for the digital receiver module.

Some of the key improvements in the R1CBU firmware update may include:

  • Improved receiver performance and sensitivity
  • Improved stability and reliability
  • Added support for CW decode
  • Added support for FT8 decode
  • Added support for higher IF bandwidths

Overall, these improvements enhance the overall performance and usability of the XIEGU X6100 and other XIEGU radios that use the R1 digital receiver module. The added support for CW and FT8 decode, as well as the increased IF bandwidths, make the X6100 and other radios more versatile and capable for a variety of amateur radio operations.

If you own a XIEGU X6100, I strongly encourage you to try the non-destructive R1CBU firmware update for the digital receiver module. This update offers several improvements, including better receiver performance, added support for CW and FT8 decode, and increased stability and reliability. By downloading and installing this update, you can significantly enhance your X6100’s performance and usability. The process is simple and non-destructive, so there’s no harm in giving it a try. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your amateur radio experience with the XIEGU X6100.

About R1CBU:

R1CBU has made significant contributions to the amateur radio community through its development of firmware updates for digital receiver modules used in XIEGU radios. The R1CBU firmware update for the XIEGU X6100 and other radios has provided users with improved performance, added features, and increased stability and reliability. These updates have greatly enhanced the capabilities of XIEGU radios, making them more versatile and useful for a variety of amateur radio operations. R1CBU’s contributions to the radio community are highly appreciated and have helped to further the advancement of amateur radio technology.

Other Resources:

Based on the web search results, here is the URL for the R1CBU – 0.14.0 firmware for the Xiegu X6100: The website also contains previous versions of the firmware, such as v0.12.0. It is important to note that the firmware may have different versions or updates depending on the hardware variant of the Xiegu X6100.

[1] “Here is a short video from KM9G presenting the community developed firmware and application for Xiegu’s X6100 by R1CBU & CT7ALW.. What makes the X6100 very special is that is a Linux based machine mashed-up with a self contained HF transceiver. This opens up the radio for experimentation in a way no other commercial transceiver offers.”

[2] “Full image for SD card. Information. Created 2023-03-09”

[3] “Firmware X6100 de R1CBU v0.9.0 firmware new features R1CBU-Firmware. Hello! I present to your attention my firmware for the X6100. This is a preliminary version for understanding the work. The video contains English subtitles. They are a little crooked, but so far so (; Join { to automatically receive all group messages.”

[4] “WJST-X V12 Download