Ft8 portable blues part 3

Well I finally got the raspberry pie mounted on the battery box.

Ran the raspberry pi from the battery box today during today’s testing of the FT8 system.

Also used the qrpguys 20 30 40 vertical kit that I built sometime ago and worked a few nvis ft8 stations with it during testing.

Next step is to power the kx3 from the battery box and take the whole shebang portable down to the beach.

Stay tuned de KE2YK

FT8 Portable Blues Continues

Yet another quirk. This one doesn’t affect operating portable. Just weird… ios no longer connects to pi access point.

Got the proverbial “No route to host message”. Googled it.

Seems like a known ios quirk.

Some say to enable and disable airplane mode. NFG!

HA. My guess, it’s bitchin because there’s no internet connection which apparently the modified kindle/android os doesn’t care about. Luckily for ft8 portable and us.

Made about a dozen contacts off the kindle this morning. Of course the big gun stations tromp over my penut whistle 7 watts. No point in calling cq!

So now the only diff will be antenna and battery power when portable.

72 de KE2YK – Stay tuned for the continuing saga of FT8 portable blues!

FT8 in the Field Blues

The final (known) problem with the pi access point was that power management would shut the Wi-Fi down after a seeming random period of inactivity.

Total stupidity!!! the only recourse was to yank out the power and shove it back in.

What kind of access point auto disables connectivity?

Scoured the Internet for about an hour and finally found an entry that can go into rc.local to disable Wi-Fi power management.

Think I’ll go out one evening during the week and do some testing.

Unlike a park activation, there are always crazies on FT8!