Parks on The Air

The Long Island Parks on the Air #POTA Team N3HAL/KE2YK will be operating from Fire Island National Seashore K-0679 (Wilderness Area) on or about 14.285 and/or 14.310 +/- QRM on 12/29 @ 19:00 to approx 21:00 UTC.

Parks on the Air! Fire Island National Seashore!

#POTA Thanks to all who worked N3HAL and I today at Fire Island National Seashore. We were unable to setup our usual antenna and used the hamstick in the extreme winds. The deer were very curious too. 73 KE2YK

Parks on The Air

The Long Island #POTA Team N3HAL and KE2YK plan to operate from Hallock State Park K-4520 today between 18:00 and 20:00 UTC. Look for us on 14.285 +\- QRM.

12 Days XMAS Special Event!

A group of us are running the first annual special event for the 12 days of Christmas. There are 12 operators in various states and the event will offer a beautiful color certificate for you to print out after the holidays. Visit the K2L or K2RYD QRZ page to find out how you can get your certificate.

As of today (12/20) we collectively have over 3,000 Q’s in the log. We hope you will join us. I have been operating on 40 meters mornings and 20 meters during the afternoon.

Look for posts on the DXSUMMIT.FI or QRZCQ.COM DX Clusters for details.

In any event. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  73 de KE2YK