My Anytone AT-778UV arrived in mid August. This post is not going to be a full review of the transceiver because there are plenty of YouTube videos and detailed posts elsewhere. So here is a summary of my first impressions of the transceiver.

Get your Anytone AT-778UV here.


  • Bright display with good color selection for mobile use
  • A good part of radio body designed as a heat a sink
  • Back lit buttons on the radio and mic keypad are perfect for night driving
  • Hand mic is of very good quality material and button layout is good
  • Fused power cable is decent quality unlike those of other Chinese radios
  • The latest version of the Anytone AT-778UV software download is available here.


  • Changing AF Gain (volume for newbies) requires pressing P6 and then turning knob
  • Dual receive yes but not a true dual band radio 
  • B band is limited to the single channel and is RX only   
  • Radio body gets lukewarm (not hot) when transmitting on high power for long periods
  • Dashboard hook for hand mic not included
  • The mobile mounting bracket is sturdy but undersized


Overall, I think the radio and programming cable are a good buy for around $140 on Amazon. If you are looking for an fairly inexpensive, decent quality mobile radio with an excellent display and back lit keys for mobile use, I’d recommend the Anytone AT-778UV. 

Get your Anytone AT-778UV here.
General information about the AT-778UV can also be found at the Web site.