World Amateur Radio Day – 2014

International Amateur Radio UnionThe World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) is celebrated every April 18 to commemorate the 1925 creation of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) in Paris, France.

The purpose of the IARU is to monitor the interests of the Amateur Radio community worldwide. Each year WARD has a different theme. In 2014 the theme is “Amateur Radio: Your Gateway to Wireless Communication.”

Every one of the 150 countries within the IARU has a Member Society. For the US, the Member Society is the ARRL. Clubs worldwide that are associated with their Member Societies are on the air with their special event stations to celebrate WARD.

Find out more about the IARU here.


SCRC Field Day 2012

This year’s Field Day was another enjoyable event for our Radio club. While only a subset our total membership actually participates, a good time is always had by all who attend.

Our club does not treat Field Day as a competitive event but a time to get together, get the kinks out of our HF gear, log some contacts and enjoy good conversation, food and drink.

Each year we experience a handful of unexpected outcomes. This year we gained new members due to our public relations setup and another as a result of our on-site VE test session.

Although the bands were rather poor on Saturday afternoon and few logistical problems had to be worked out, we managed to eek out a few hundred contacts between our digital, sideband and CW stations.

SCRC Field Day 2012

Two of our teen members came by for the afternoon. They had a lot of fun operating the HF gear and enjoyed experimenting with their own homebrew UHF and VHF antenna systems.

Overall I’d say that each year improves over the prior year’s event. The club is planning to set up a recently acquired 50 foot tower on-site some time this year so our chances of making more contacts during future events should improve quite a bit.

A special thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s event and those who took the time out to stop by and learn a bit about Amateur Radio.

As we all know it’s more than a hobby and Amateur Radio operators worldwide are the first to step up to the plate with their own equipment during man made and natural disasters.

LOTA – Lighthouses On The Air!

I don’t talk about DX very much but I do have a fascination with lighthouses. I  collect the exact replicas and have visited a few here on Long Island.spaceball

Anyway, this is a direct copy of a message that I received. It would be really nice to get a QSL with the photo of a lighthouse on it. For you, I am sure the card would mean something very different.  Oh yeah, I made up the term LOTA  so do bother chasing the term in Google 🙂

If you like looking at photos of the lighthouse(s) and a huge amount of other DX information then visit TA0U’s personal Web page.

Here’s a Flickr page with photos of the S.I.L.E. TUR/046 lighthouse and related information.

from    AKUT DXpedition Team <>
to    Undisclosed-Recipient
date    Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 3:46 AM
subject    Light House TUR 046 / TUR 014

The light that embraces the world !!! Since 1859….150 years !!!
The second largest lighthouse in the world…
It still has original crystalls ( 1.5 Tones ) that may move in eight ( 8 ) different direction and flash every 15 seconds….

” Istanbul / S,I.LE Light House  TUR 046 ”

Between 17-18 January 2009 TC2SLH was QRV on HF ( SSB )

!!! You can see the pictures on the next link…

Next week end, 24-25 January 2009 ,  the 4th step and the 3th Light House will be Anadolu Light House / TUR 014…

TC-SWAT and AKUT DXpedition Team will operate to gether the station during all the week-end…

TC-SWAT and AKUT DXpedition Team will be QRV during the following five months from the historical lighthouses around Istanbul / Republic of Turkiye. In collaboration with the Directorate General of Coastal Safety, TC-SWAT and AKUT DXpedition Team is organising the “ Istanbul Lighthouses On The Air ” activity, which will take place from Karaburun ( TUR 036 ), Sile ( TUR 046 ), Anadolu ( TUR 014 ), Ahirkapi ( TUR  056 ), Rumeli/Turkeli ( TUR 053 ), and Fenerbahce ( TUR 021 ) Lighthouses as of last two weekends of December 2008.

The dates, locations and callsigns are as the following:

1.      20-21 & 27-28 December 2008 Karaburun Lighthouse TUR 036 / TC1KLH
2.      17-18 January 2009 Sile Lighthouse TUR 046  / TC2SLH
3.      24-25 January 2009 Anadolu Lighthouse TUR 014  / TC2ALH
4.      21-22 February 2009 Ahirkap? Burnu Lighthouse TUR 056  /  TC1ALH
5.      21-22 March 2009 Rumeli/Turkeli Lighthouse TUR 053  / TC1RLH
6.      4-5 April 2009 Fenerbahçe Lighthouse TUR 021 / TC2FLH

Stations contacting four or more of the lighthouses will recieve “ Istanbul Lighthouses On The Air Award ” .

Details will be later announced on the website;


QSL Manager is TA1HZ

AKUT DXpedition Team will be,



TCSWAT Team will be;

TA1FR Leonardo RAGNO
TA2RX Bekir Kemal ATAMAN
***   ***   ***

TC12AKUT was QRV between 1-16 December 2008 for the Anniv. of AKUT Searc and Rescue Association… You can see the pictures on the next link

!!! The movie ( DVD ) of the activity is ready and will be soon published on the web site…  and

if you want to have it pls reply with you post address..

Hope to hear you soon….

Best regards

73! de TA0U