Icom IC-705 & PowerFilm Lightsaver Max | Portable QRP – OH8STN Ham Radio

Icom IC-705 & PowerFilm Lightsaver Max | Portable QRP – OH8STN Ham Radio
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ICOM IC-7300

How Has The ICOM IC-7300 Impacted Ham Radio?

It’s been five years since ICOM introduced the ICOM IC-7300. The IC-7300 was not the first touch screen, software defined radio on the market but ICOM’s price point coupled with the visual spectrum display has definitely impacted sales of other amateur radio HF transceivers.

Quinn and Tom from Ham Radio Perspectives give their IC-7300 opinions.

What is your opinion of the ICOM #IC-7300?

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The ICOM IC-705

How to Set Up an ICOM IC-705 Boot Photo

Load a photo to be displayed when you power on your ICOM IC-705. Simply follow the steps in the video to place a photo on a Micro SD card for the #IC-705 boot up sequence to display. For fun, I setup my Anytone AT-D878UV to display my QSL card at boot time.

The video demonstrates how to convert and load a boot photo.

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