Aerodrome Special Event Station

Event Date: September 9th 2017

Event Title: OMARC – Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Special Event Station

Location: Cole Palen's Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
9 Norton Rd.
Red Hook, NY 12571


Talk In: 146.805 (negative shift, 103.5PL)

Public Contact Info:
Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 48
Hurley, NY 12443
KC2IQV, Chuck Blocher, Vice President
K2JLV, Dave Brooks, Director
(845) 242 5622

Pubic Contact Phone: (845) 242 5622 K2JLV

Public Contact Email:


Event Date: 8/05/2017


Location: The North-Central Arkansas Amateur Radio Service will be hosting a very unique special event on August 5. This Saturday. We have been granted access to operate from the decommissioned Titan II complex 373-4 nicknamed "Ghost Site" near Searcy Arkansas.
Access to this complex has never before been available. This is the location of the first missile complex erected in Arkansas and is also the area where 53 men lost their lives during a tragic fire August 9th 1965. That tragedy resulted in the largest loss of life in the history of the Titan II program. The warhead that was located in this complex was later moved to Damascus Arkansas where it was involved in an explosion on September 19, 1980.
This special event is very important, as this silo has not been on the air since it was decommissioned. This is the one to get, this Saturday if possible. 12pm-7pm cst 17:00 – 23:00 utc
Three HF stations – 20m 40m 80m phone and one 2 meter fm 146.500mhz (echolink 7797) Echolink contacts we can QSL but they will not count for dxcc. Please disconnect after contact to clear the node.
QSL certificate info and details are posted at
73 and good-luck! CLUB CALL-SIGN AB5ER


Talk In: 146.500 mhz

Public Contact Info:

Pubic Contact Phone: 501-415-6445

Public Contact Email:

70 Years of Science Discovery


This past week I participated in BNLARC’s Brookhaven National Laboratory’s 70th Anniversary Special Event from 7/16 to 7/21. BNL’s 70 Years of Scientific Discovery started with an open house for families and children on 7/16. The radio club was on site with both a SSB and CW station during the operating hours. During the rest of the week the event operated from various locations.

Although the HF bands were poor this past week I managed to make about 100 contacts. For the first time I also worked some of the event on DMR and received a great response from the guys I worked on 3100 (nationwide).

I also set up a QRZ page for those interested in getting our full page certificate.

70 Years Of Discovery_Certificate

Some interesting facts about Brookhaven National Laboratory:

  •  Served as army base for two world wars
  •  Hosted Irwin Berlin (Yip Yip Yaphank was the song)
  •  First peace time nuclear reactor (1950 Brookhaven Graphite Reactor)
  •  Developed the two common radio isotopes (technetium 99M and thallium 201) used in medicine today
  • First synctron accelerator (1953 Cosmotron Accelerator)
  • First Nobel Prize winner in 1957 followed by 6 more
  • 1958 First video game, Tennis (aka pong)
  • 1961 First PET scanner for medical use
  • 1967 developed the leading drug for Parkinson’s disease treatment, L-dopa
  • 1958 Maglev (magnetic levitation) patented
  • 1975 started producing radioisotopes for the northeast, still a major supplier
  • 1979 proved UV-a and UV-B lead to cancers of the skin:
  • Current studies include: 1) Radiation studies preparing for travel to mars, 2) more efficient catalysts, 3) fuel cells, 4) photovoltaic solar cells, 5) biofuels, 6) batteries
  • A 32 megawatt solar farm on 200 acres for production and study to improve efficiencies

Click HERE to find out more about the history of Brookhaven National Laboratory…