The ICOM IC-705

How to Set Up an ICOM IC-705 Boot Photo

Load a photo to be displayed when you power on your ICOM IC-705. Simply follow the steps in the video to place a photo on a Micro SD card for the #IC-705 boot up sequence to display. For fun, I setup my Anytone AT-D878UV to display my QSL card at boot time.

The video demonstrates how to convert and load a boot photo.

73 de KE2YK

International Space Station Cross Band Repeater

In  1998 a Russian rocket took off and carried the Zayra module of the International Space Station (ISS) into orbit. Until 2012 various modules and components were added to the ISS.

The International Space Station in 2018

Later in 1998, the space shuttle Endeavour carried the US Unity connecting node and joined it with the Russian Zarya module. This technical achievement marked the start of the world’s largest collaborative project in space. The outpost in space is a true testament to overcoming the Cold War and to create a peaceful cooperation in space for the benefit of all.

73 de KE2YK

BridgeCom Systems’ Ham Shack Pack 2.0 DMR Giveaway

BridgeCom Systems’ Ham Shack Pack 2.0 DMR Giveaway
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