How To Fix The Ham Bands!

Josh over at Ham Radio Crash Course says we are killing the Ham Bands. Josh says he knows how to fix the problem!

73 de KE2YK


On Sunday. November 15th, LIMARC will hold on online hamfest from 10 AM to 12 Noon. We will have some live auctions, items for sale and door prizes.  All are invited There is no charge for this event, but you must pre-register by 9:45 on Sunday, Nov. 15. Use the link below to receive the registration form.

   We will be using Zoom. All mics will be muted. All bidding and claims for door prizes will be through the chat rooms. More details will be given when we get started.

     Payment for auction items and other LIMARC items would be made by PayPal.  Your only additional fee will be shipping if you are unable to pick the item up in person. There will be no charge for shipping door prizes. You must claim your door prize within five minutes.  Link is below.

Icom ic-705

A Good Companion for the The ICOM 705?

Peter Waters G3OJV from Waters and Stanton Amateur Radio Shop in the United Kingdom has his own YouTube channel where he reviews different Amateur Radio products and homebrew ideas.

Peter has been an Amateur Radio operator since 1960 and has co-owned his Amateur Radio shop since 1973.

With that kind of experience, Peter is one of the few Amateur Radio YouTuber’s I follow.

Of special interest to me, Peter has done several videos related to homebrewing compromise antennas for small spaces.

Small space, compromise antenna projects interest me because I enjoy homebrewing antennas, have a small yard and small space antenna ideas are useful when I activate State Parks for the Parks on the Air program.

The Elecraft T1A is a fine piece of gear. I have owned one for around 3 years now and have used it on outings with several different QRP rigs. As Peter will demonstrate, the features of the T1A extend beyond a simple QRP tuner.

I’d have to agree with Peter. The Elecraft T1A will make a good companion for the ICOM 705. Let Peter explain the T1A and you can then form your own opinion.

73 de KE2YK