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The eHamStoreSome people complain about eBay for various reasons. But one of eBay’s assets is that it offers buyer protection. In addition, there are some Ham Radio parts which are hard to find through the normal channels.

The eHamStore covers the usual Ham Radio and Scanner gear but also includes a vintage section as well as pages for items like tubes. Why not take a spin over to The eHamStore and browse around, check out prices or maybe find that rare piece of gear you are after. Hey, you never know.

Best of all, no signups are ever required. Why not visit The eHamStore  today!

YET Another HT From China


Yup! You guessed it, it’s another HT from our “friends” in China. There’s been a lot of chat about these radios. It would satisfy my curiosity if someone could point me to a site to break down the differences between this growing list of Baofeng Transceivers.

So far I have heard of the UV-3R 5R 5RA 5RB 5RC 5RE and now the UV-B5 B6. Does this mean they can’t get it right or the improvements are coming at a fast and furious pace?

This one, the UV-B5 is supposed to be the very latest in a long line of Baofeng UV-X series of Dual Band HT transceivers.

If you want to look deep into the details and get a full analysis of the performance of the new BAOFENG UV-B5 / UV-B6, take a spin over to:
HANS PD0AC’s Blog here:
Find it on eBay here:

What are your thoughts about these Chinese “wonders”… Thanks!

Quick Review of the New Kenwood TS-590S

The Kenwood TS-590S ® held its debut at the 2010 Dayton Hamvention. It provides impressive, affordable on the amateur HF and 6 meter bands. Thanks to a receiver down-conversion, narrow roofing filter and dedicated first mixer, the TS-590S has the best dynamic range in its class in handling unwanted adjacent off-frequency signals ¹. The first ever 6 kHz roofing filter BW located directly after the mixer improves the ability of the noise blanker to deal with off-frequency signals. The result is a radio with excellent receive performance, revealing the hidden signals.

Kenwood_TS-590S Review

Kenwood was first in the amateur market to deploy DSP based AGC IF stage. The TS-590S has taken DSP to the next level. With this new transceiver, a 32-bit DSP is deployed from the stage before the IF and the TS-590S marks a new chapter in the proud history of Kenwood high performance transceivers. The DSP based AGC has been improved to the target signal in the IF passband, and the result is greatly improved characteristics in the band of the IMD which are on par with those that are “upscale” transceivers that cost much more to 160/80/40/20 ¹ ¹ / 15 CW / SSB / FSK.