How To Fix The Ham Bands!

Josh over at Ham Radio Crash Course says we are killing the Ham Bands. Josh says he knows how to fix the problem!

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Xiegu G90-H1

Is Your G90 Acting Like A George Forman Grill?

Did you know that the Xiegu G90 can reach internal temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit? Fortunately there’s a solution. The compact, solidly designed G90-H1 stand includes a quiet cooling fan, a cushioned strap down system for rugged mobile use and fold out feet to improve the view of the front panel on the desk.

The G90-H1 cooling fan has a smart temperature sensor that varies the fan speed based on the shell temperature of the G90. The G90-H1 requires 12VDC at a maximum of 150 mA. Click here for the user manual.

Amazon: The Xiegu G90-H1

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ICOM IC-7300

How Has The ICOM IC-7300 Impacted Ham Radio?

It’s been five years since ICOM introduced the ICOM IC-7300. The IC-7300 was not the first touch screen, software defined radio on the market but ICOM’s price point coupled with the visual spectrum display has definitely impacted sales of other amateur radio HF transceivers.

Quinn and Tom from Ham Radio Perspectives give their IC-7300 opinions.

What is your opinion of the ICOM #IC-7300?

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