Holy Cow! Random Wire Calculations Made Easy!



Been hacking around lately looking for more fun antenna projects to do with my QRP rigs.

In the meantime, I’ve been having a blast with this old Ten-Tec R4030 which I recently picked up.

I’ts been quite awhile since I have been experimenting with QRP antennas or been in the mood to build stuff but lately I have been doing a bit both for some odd reason…

Anyway, to avoid boring you to death with my idiosyncrasies, I have been reading a lot about theory of UNUN’s, random wire lengths and other weird combos or for the nerdy ham in me.

In doing so,  IMHO I found a rather priceless article on random wire lengths.  One of the keywords on the page which lends itself to my idiosyncrasies is UNORTHODOX.  Perhaps you will get out of this article as much as I did. (Yup, I even compiled and ran the C Code on my Raspberry PI!)

The Article is titled Random Wire Antennas. 72 and Enjoy de KE2YK






NAQCC Holiday Greetings

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NAQCC News Issue #067

From NAQCC VP John, K3WWP:
Issue #067 of our newsletter is now posted on the NAQCC web site.
In that newsletter you’ll find info about our April challenge which is an alphabet type challenge with the words being ‘Fools’ from Shakespeare’s works. It was suggested by Don VE3HUR.
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