2021 QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Is On!

Registration is now open for the 2021 QSO Today Ham Expo!

As you may remember I attended last year’s QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo. In case you missed it, here’s my 2020 Ham Expo review!

Anyway, seems like everything is virtual these days. It’s becoming difficult to remember when I attended the last Hamfest!

Ham Expo will give you a chance to check out vendors and their products from the comfort of your Ham Shack. Read all about it on the Expo Home Page. Be sure to check out the speaker and exhibitor lists. Tickets are $10.

73 de KE2YK

How To Fix The Ham Bands!

Josh over at Ham Radio Crash Course says we are killing the Ham Bands. Josh says he knows how to fix the problem!

73 de KE2YK

Drake SPR-4 Receiver SOLD!

I am selling a solid state Drake Receiver and Original Manual. To my knowledge, the radio is in good working condition. Cosmetically the radio is clean (minus the dust) as the photos will show.

The radio has the crystal calibrator and Noise Blanker installed. The crystal bank is fully loaded.  To my knowledge the radio works on all bands. The incandescent bulb is out behind the pre-selector and S meter indicators.  The original owner placed a plastic strip of frequencies along the front of the top cover as you will see in the photos.
An inquiry was recently made regarding the purpose of the threaded holes in both sides of the cabinet. I don’t know the reason for them but it is part of the original cabinet when manufactured. I verified that by looking at the cover of the manual and viewing an SPR-4 demo video on youtube.
Buyer pays for UPS packing, shipping and insurance.  PayPal preferred but USPS money order accepted.

If you are interested, make me an offer by email at ke2yk48 at gmail dot com

Here are the what you see is what you get photos. Dusty cover included in price!

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