QRZ Lab 599 Discovery TX-500 QRP Rig Review

As a bit of a QRP nut myself, I am always interested in QRP rigs with new features. The TX-500 caught my eye mainly because of the attached pandapter. Found this video review over on QRZ.com and thought I’d share it out to the other QRP nuts lurking in the bushes. Sure looks like a rather snazzy lil rig and includes some nifty features like:

160-6-meter ham bands, General RX coverage 0.5 – 56.0 MHz,
SSB, CW, DIG, AM, FM, real-time panadapter, 32-bit floating-point DSP;
low current drain 100 mA in rx, online updates and more…

Hop on over to the review for more details and photos!

What’s YOUR Opinion?

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