HAMRS is an exceptional. easy to use, logging program for APPLE IOS, MACOS, WINDOWS and RASPIAN. Log to Desktops, Smartphones Mobile Devices, Tablets and more! Desktop version is free. Mobile devices are $5.

HAMRS can be used to log Parks on the AIR as an activator or hunter. HAMRS can also be used for Summits on the Air, Winter Field Day and also GENERIC logging.

As a POTA / SOTA activator, there are no more hassles exporting ADIF files off to coordinators, For hunters simply export your ADIF to input to other logging programs.

The latest release now has options to enable/disable QRZ lookups and notifications.

Hunters can now insert a POTA station they have worked by clicking the copy button on the POTA card.

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Current version is 0.10.6.