Parks on The Air

The Long Island Parks on the Air #POTA Team N3HAL/KE2YK will be operating from Fire Island National Seashore K-0679 (Wilderness Area) on or about 14.285 and/or 14.310 +/- QRM on 12/29 @ 19:00 to approx 21:00 UTC.

Parks on the Air! Fire Island National Seashore!

#POTA Thanks to all who worked N3HAL and I today at Fire Island National Seashore. We were unable to setup our usual antenna and used the hamstick in the extreme winds. The deer were very curious too. 73 KE2YK

PARKS On The Air!

N3HAL and I activated Sunken Meadow State Park K-2147 on November 24th.

The park is located on the north shore of Long Island approximately 50 miles east of New York City.

Unfortunately the weather was not suitable for extended operations. The temperature was about 40 degrees not including the wind chill factor, full cloud cover and the threat of rain.

Our equipment was N3HAL’s Yaesu FT991 at 100 watts and our antenna of choice yesterday was the MFJ-1979 multi-band vertical fully extended for 20 meters. 

Placing the vertical on a cheap camera tripod about 2.5 feet above ground with 16 1/8th wave radials got us amazing results from points south and west as far as Montana.

   A special thanks to all stations who worked us! 

Next Planned Activation

Our next attempt at a POTA activation (wx permitting) will be on December 1st  at Nissequogue State Park K-2114. If we are going to activate, look for the information to be posted here:

73 de KE2YK and N3HAL