Parks on the Air

Hey! Do you operate for the Parks on the Air program? Yeah? Then you will be excited to find out that you can directly upload your logs to the POTA program. Here is the message from the Parks on the Air web site

After 12:00 Zulu (9AM Eastern Time USA) Friday, July 1, and once you have logged into the site, you will notice “My Log Uploads” as an option in our menu. Immense thanks WR5B and N0AW! 

Until July 1st, logs has to be submitted via an area coordinator. Since interest in the Parks on the Air program has grown exponentially, I’d imagine that the amount of work for coordinators was getting out of hand. 

There have been a few instances where I had to embarrass myself by resubmitting the same log a few times due to my dumb mistakes. 

Then I learned about a free Windows program called ADIF Master which points out those dumb mistakes. ADIF Master’s built in editor allows you to make changes directly to the log file and then recheck the log for errors. Needless to say running ADIF Master BEFORE submitting logs has saved the coordinator time and frustration.

Anyway, Mike K8MRD has a video demonstrating how simple the upload process is going to be. At the time Mike made this video the upload process was still in Beta testing. My thinking is to still run my logs through through ADIF Master prior to uploading via the new method. 

Thanks to all who have made the Parks on the Air program what it is today and the effort to bring direct log submissions to the program.