Looking for a portable and easy-to-use HF antenna? The Chelegance MC-750 Portable HF Vertical Antenna is designed to provide a hassle-free setup process and an efficient, high-performance antenna for portable ham radio operations.


If you are looking for a portable and easy-to-use HF vertical antenna, then the Chelegance MC-750 Portable HF Vertical Antenna system is worth considering. These antennas are designed to provide quick and effortless setup without requiring tools, making it ideal for field operations and emergency services.


The MC-750 Portable HF Vertical Antenna is built to provide an efficient quarter-wave vertical ground plane antenna for 40 through 6 meters. It can handle up to 100 watts and features a female SO-239 connector and jacks for up to 4 preassembled, 11.48 ft. counterpoise radials. Additionally, the antenna comes with a 7 MHz loading coil, 1.64 ft. extension, 17 ft. telescopic whip, and a cable winder, all packed in a carrying bag for easy portability.


The Chelegance MC-750 Portable HF Vertical Antenna provides a hassle-free setup process. The antenna offers good efficiency for a compromised portable ground based antenna. The telescoping whip and preassembled radials make it easy to get on the air quickly, while the included carrying bag makes it easy to pack and transport.

How To:

Setting up the MC-750 is simple and straightforward. First, unpack the kit and extend the telescoping whip to its full length. Next, attach the 7 MHz loading coil to the base of the antenna and connect the antenna to your radio using a coaxial cable with a PL-259 connector. Finally, lay out the preassembled radials on the ground in a star pattern, ensuring that they are evenly spaced, and connect them to the antenna base.


Q: How does the Chelegance MC-750 Portable HF Vertical Antennas perform on different bands?
A: The MC-750 is designed to operate on the 40 (with loading coil) through 6 meter bands.

Q: What is the maximum power handling capacity of the MC-750?
A: The MC-750 can handle up to 100 watts of power.

Documentation @ DX Engineering:



The Chelegance JNCRadio MC-750 portable HF antenna, is a good choice for portable or emergency use. It is easy to set up and comes in a compact well designed case for easy transport. The reference marks etched into the antenna sections make it easy to get the SWR in the ballpark,

Note that the antenna base/spike does not use the standard 3/8×24 mount. The base uses a metric M-10-1.5 thread so other antenna systems like the MFJ-1979 would require some type of adapter.

In terms of performance, the Chelegance MC-750 is a reliable ground-based vertical antenna that provides decent RX and TX capabilities for the 20 meter band and up. The 40 meter loading coil is a compromise at best but will get you on 40 meters. The Chelegance MC-750 is a good option for situations where no trees are available or quick activations are in mind.