Some of the more interesting and useful storage and carry bags for traveling with QRP equipment was hosted by Josh KI6NAZ, purveyor of HRCC over on his YouTube channel recently. Tom K4SWL purveyor of QRPer.comwas Josh’s guest speaker who presented a whole host of bags that he uses for travel and his POTA activations. Two companies that really stood out for me during the presentation were bags by RED OXX and Tom BIHN! All of these bags are American made with lifetime guarantees. And, of course they come with a price.

POTA activations are something I enjoy when time permits. As a result I am always on the hunt to improve my activations. During my field ops I mainly carry my Elecraft KX3, Elecraft AX1 and my Bioenno 12V 3Ah battery. Trying to minimize extra weight and provide adequate space for radio gear and necessities is always a challenge. Tom BIHN gear is definitely in my future plans.  

 Regarding field ops, IMHO, the most important gear is the log. POTA and SOTA logs are what an activation is all about! A tablet or laptop is nothing more than a huge inconvenience. When I sit down to operate it’s all about getting the job done, not tinkering around with a tab key or space bar. At home, after the activation is when I use HAMRS to enter my data and ADIF Master to validate my log. Then and only then do I upload the log to the POTA site.

 Anyway, my method of logging is plain and simple paper and pencil. Writing calls, time and state down takes enough time especially when one of those mini pileups happen! But the paper itself should not be so simple!

 So what kind paper log do I use? Well I’ve tried the clipboard and the logging sheets downloaded from various Web sites. That does not work for me either, it’s way too clumsy.

Rite in the Rain Logbook

Some time ago, my friend and fellow Ham Nehal, N3HAL gave me a Rite in the Rain 4×6 top spiral notebook.

Now if you have never heard of Rite in the Rain, you’re not alone. After recently investigating the Rite in the Rain Web site, I found they have a diverse set of products and gear for writing in far less than desirable conditions.

 If you log in places that are humid or places like POTA and SOTA where dampness or mist along with the QRM may be part of your activations, you may want to take a serious look at the Rite in the Rain line of products.

 Not only do they sell notepads but they also sell what they call kits which include a waterproof cover and special pen. Again, this gear is more expensive than you’d imagine but what good is a ruined log! Once you have the kit, only a new notebook will be needed long into the future.   

 My next purchase from Rite in the Rain will be their 973-kit which consists of an all-weather pen, a Cordura protective cover and 4.6×7 side spiral notebook.  

 Here are the Rite in the Rain general product benefits as they list on their Web site:

·       Permanent ink writes through water, sweat, grease, and mud without clumping or smearing.

·       Our scrappy notebook will survive sweat, rain, mud, snow, oil, grease, and the wear-and-tear of daily use.

·       All-purpose pockets make it easy to organize your small field essentials and safeguard your notes.

72 until next time de KE2YK