Xiegu G90 & Winlink Express – OH8STN Ham Radio

Xiegu G90 & Winlink Express – OH8STN Ham Radio
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Xiegu GSOC Remote Controller

New! Xiegu GSOC Panadapter Controller

The soon to be released 8.25 x 4.75 x 1.75 XIEGU GSOC Panadapter Controller for the Xiegu G90 transceiver is schedule for release in November. Presales, as always are available.

Based on what I have seen in videos, the ~$600 GSOC unit appears to be quality work from the folks at Xiegu. With its field upgradable firmware, features of the GSOC will be expanded over time.

The GSOC consists of a steel body with a baseband processing unit and SDR receiver with 24 bit sampling of both IF and IQ signals. The Panadapter provides 1024 pixel resolution in a 7 inch color touch screen with both spectrum display and waterfall. GSOC ports include USB, RJ-45 Ethernet, Bluetooth, WIFI and SD Card slot.

Robert Nagy, AB5N offers his in-depth view of the Xiegu GSOC.

What are your thoughts about the new XIEGU GSOC controller?

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FCC Grants ARRL Request for Emergencies, Hurricanes

The FCC has granted ARRL’s request for a temporary waiver to permit amateur data transmissions at a higher symbol rate than currently permitted by section 97.307(f) of the FCC Amateur Service rules. The FCC acted to facilitate hurricane and wildfire relief communications within the US and its territories.

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