Vintage Morse Code

The Long Island CW Club Revisited

The Long Island CW Club
W2LCW – The Long Island CW Club

The Long Island CW Club (LICW) has come a long way since my first post about the club in January 2018.

I recently visited their Web site and found that the Club now has about 800 members in all 50 states and 18 countries!

As one of the original lifetime members, it’s great to see that their idea of bringing tradition to Amateur Radio has really caught on!

Among the 48 classes on their schedule, LICW now offers classes for kids and ladies. What a perfect idea to bring people together into one of the best aspects of the Amateur Radio hobby and service.

Morse Code, The Original Digital Mode

Unlike FM and SSB modes, Morse code or CW (continuous wave) only needs a narrow bandwidth to operate. Less bandwidth means space for more operators. CW transmissions can be received when band conditions are poor. Morse code was, is and always will be the original form of digital transmissions.

Are you interested in learning the most efficient, original form of digital communications?

Visit the Long Island CW Club. Check out their web site, photo gallery, videos and class schedules today!

73 de KE2YK

Annual NJQRP Skeeter Hunt


Don’t Miss A Chance to work one of the most famous Fire Boats in the world, FIREFIGHTER.The fireboat Fire Fighter is a living and fully functioning example of the “blood and guts” era of FDNY fire fighting in New York Harbor.

Present for nearly every maritime emergency in New York City’s history during her time in service from 1938 to 2010 with the City of New York Fire Department, the Fire Fighter has seen both herself and her crew decorated for valor more times than any other fireboat.

Her roles in some of the 50 major multi-alarm fires she battled during her career have become the stuff of legend among the marine community. 

The Long Island CW Club, W2LCW (  is proud to make an alliance with Firefighter and her organization and will operate from the boat which is now located in Greenport, Long Island NY, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of its commissioning. On Saturday November 17, 2018 between the hours of 1500-1900Z,  W2LCW will operate CW and SSB stations on 40-10m and will choose the best bands depending on conditions.

Frequencies used will be spotted on clusters and a special free certificate can be obtained by visiting W2LCW on   More information about Firefighter can be found on their museum website: