Route 66 On the Air Special Event

I’m behind the 8 ball on this HF event, Managed to work W6K the other day on 20 meter CW. For those who may be interested in the 2020 Route 66 event runs through September 20th.

From the ARRL : The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino, California (W6JBT), will host the 20th annual Route 66 On the Air Special Event, September 7 – 15. The yearly event commemorates the 1926 construction of the famous Route 66, the country’s first major improved highway linking the US heartland with the west coast.

Read the full ARRL article here.

73 de KE2YK

Special 911 Event Station WA2NYC

Members of the Wireless Association Of New York City will activate special event station WA2NYC once again to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, and to remember that over 2900 people lost their lives on that day.

The station will be operational between 0000z, September 10th, and 0300z, September 14th, 2020. The suggested frequencies are 28450, 21350, 14300, 7238 kHz and DSTAR XREF020B & Smart Group SEPT11.

The WA2NYC station will be on DSTAR XREF020B and Smart Group SEPT 11 each evening from 7-11PM Eastern Time (2300-0300z). The log will be uploaded to LoTW.

If you would like a QSL card, send a SASE to the club address (see or by the Bureau. This operation is in memory of Robert Norton, K2IE/SK.

73 de KE2YK
Vintage Morse Code

The Long Island CW Club Revisited

The Long Island CW Club
W2LCW – The Long Island CW Club

The Long Island CW Club (LICW) has come a long way since my first post about the club in January 2018.

I recently visited their Web site and found that the Club now has about 800 members in all 50 states and 18 countries!

As one of the original lifetime members, it’s great to see that their idea of bringing tradition to Amateur Radio has really caught on!

Among the 48 classes on their schedule, LICW now offers classes for kids and ladies. What a perfect idea to bring people together into one of the best aspects of the Amateur Radio hobby and service.

Morse Code, The Original Digital Mode

Unlike FM and SSB modes, Morse code or CW (continuous wave) only needs a narrow bandwidth to operate. Less bandwidth means space for more operators. CW transmissions can be received when band conditions are poor. Morse code was, is and always will be the original form of digital transmissions.

Are you interested in learning the most efficient, original form of digital communications?

Visit the Long Island CW Club. Check out their web site, photo gallery, videos and class schedules today!

73 de KE2YK