The Long Island CW Club – Teaching Morse Code

Long Island CW Club

Portable Ops 40’s Style!

Recently joined the Long Island CW Club. They are a great bunch of guys from Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club who are teaching CW at different levels via ZOOM video conferencing software.

The annual membership is well worth it for those interested in helping others learn CW.

Today the Club attended a quick video conference business meeting followed by a detailed video conference presentation on the reverse beacon network and DX spotting via the DX Summit Web site.

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73 and Enjoy!

W9F Special Event – Fermilab’s 50th Anniversary

Event Date: Dec. 2-Dec. 16, 2017

Event Title: W9F Special Event – Fermilab’s 50th Anniversary

Location: Batavia, IL

Public Contact Info: W9F, special event station commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)–the United States’ preeminent particle physics laboratory revealing the basic particles and forces of nature and furthering mankind’s understanding of matter, energy, space and time. Operating on all modes and frequencies, esp. 14.260, 14.340, 7.250 and 7.275. Commemorative QSL card. Send QSL requests c/o Fermi Amateur Radio Club to

Pubic Contact Phone: 630-840-3073

Public Contact Email:

K2BNL Special Event – 70 Years of Scientific Discovery

The Brookhaven National Laboratory Radio Club, located on Long Island, NY is holding a Special Event Commemorating 70 years of Scientific Discovery at BNL through the end of 2017.

The Club is working HF and also making contacts using DMR.

Work K2BNL and receive a copy of this full page certificate by email once we have you in our log.

To get your certificate, visit the K2BNL QRZ page and follow the link to fill in your call and email address.

73, Gary KE2YK

Brookhaven National Lab - 70 Years of Science