Fire Island National Seashore

Fire Island National Seashore (FINS) is a United States National Seashore is around a 30-mile long barrier island which is separated from Long Island by the Great South Bay.

Photos while operating from Fire Island National Seashore: K-0679 KFF-0679 WWFF-0679 BOTA 6995

73 de KE2YK

Route 66 On the Air Special Event

I’m behind the 8 ball on this HF event, Managed to work W6K the other day on 20 meter CW. For those who may be interested in the 2020 Route 66 event runs through September 20th.

From the ARRL : The Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club of San Bernardino, California (W6JBT), will host the 20th annual Route 66 On the Air Special Event, September 7 – 15. The yearly event commemorates the 1926 construction of the famous Route 66, the country’s first major improved highway linking the US heartland with the west coast.

Read the full ARRL article here.

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International Space Station Cross Band Repeater

In  1998 a Russian rocket took off and carried the Zayra module of the International Space Station (ISS) into orbit. Until 2012 various modules and components were added to the ISS.

The International Space Station in 2018

Later in 1998, the space shuttle Endeavour carried the US Unity connecting node and joined it with the Russian Zarya module. This technical achievement marked the start of the world’s largest collaborative project in space. The outpost in space is a true testament to overcoming the Cold War and to create a peaceful cooperation in space for the benefit of all.

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