You know you are a radio Geezer when:

  • you have more tools than you’ll ever need, but can’t find them.
  • you need to keep your radio’s user manual on the desk.
  • your antennas are getting smaller and closer to the ground.
  • it’s been 40 years since you’ve had the snot shocked out of you.
  • you forget the band plans.
  • you check into the weather net, the noontime net, the Bell Telephone net, and some other net just because they are there.
  • you still have a phone patch and Q multiplier in the cabinet.
  • your radio warms up faster than you do .
  • RF gets into your hearing aid.
  • you have to find your teeth to have a QSO.
  • you can no longer see the parts used to make radios.
  • you know how to properly tie a wire bundle using waxed string.
  • some of your test gear is older than your adult children.
  • you have to add light in front of your radio so you can read the dials.
  • you buy a piece of gear only to find out you already had one in the garage you forgot about.
  • you can no longer log, make QSO’s and drive at the same time.
  • you realize a Life Membership in the ARRL is no longer a good value.
73 de KE2YK