14th Annual 13 Colonies Special Event


The 13 Colonies Special Event is one amateur radio event I never miss. The 2022 13 Colonies Special Event will be held from July 1st to July 7th. With my modest station, I make a real attempt to get the “Clean Sweep” added to my certificate by working all 13 colonies plus the WM3PEN Bonus station.  


Every year the certificate design of is different. Follow the link above to find out what the 2022 certificate will look like (I think it’s pretty awesome). Waiting patiently for the beautiful certificate to arrive in the mail is part of the fun. 

KE2YK 2022 13 Colonies Clean Sweep Log

Made The Clean Sweep again this year and all CW! Lets hope I can do it again in 2023! 

 Have fun and enjoy the 14th Annual 13 Colonies Special Event!