Vintage World Band Radio

Radio is long-standing component of mass media. Febru3ary 13th is World Radio Day and is celebrated around the world with special broadcasts, online activities, awards and events.

 Radio History:

On Nov 3, 2011, UNESCO declared February 13 as World Radio Day because on this day  Today is the day United Nations Radio was created in 1946. UNESCO then declared February 13th to be World Radio Day.

 Word Radio Day’s objective is to promote the importance of radio and to promote radio as a viable medium for sharing information. UNESCO is tasked with coordinating World Radio Day radio activities globally with all UN member countries.

 Quick Radio Facts:

  •  On May 13 1897, Guglielmo Marconi was the radio pioneer who made the first-ever radio transmission.
  •  The Radio Club of Bombay was the first to broadcast in radio in 1923.
  •  With around 400 radio stations, All India Radio is one of the largest broadcasters in the world and it covers almost all of the country’s people. 

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