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From NAQCC VP John, K3WWP:
In that newsletter you’ll find info about our December challenge which involves activating the 80M band which has been sleeping of late. Make as many 15+ minute QSO’s on 80M as possible during the month and send us your report. Don’t forget the prize in conjunction with our challenges. All our winners of Gregg WB8LZG’s bug/paddle handle pieces have been delighted with them. You have a chance to be similarly delighted by mastering this month’s challenge.
In addition to more info about the challenge, you’ll also find the following in this edition:
2. The final results of our November sprint.
3. Featured Award of the Month.
3a. Latest award winners.
4. Latest general club news.
5. What our members have been doing – in the Member News section
And that’s not all, so click on over to right now and check it out.

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