Ham radio operation can be more than just a hobby

By Gene Still
Friday July 11, 2008

It’s a hobby that can turn very serious when it comes to providing a valuable way of communicating during emergency situations.
That was part of the focus of a nationwide public demonstration of emergency communications by ham radio operators in Carman.
The June 28 demonstration in town, organized by the Prairie Amateur Radio Technical Society, was on the grounds of the Memorial Hall. The day allowed the public the opportunity to meet and talk with local ham radio operators and find out what the Amateur Radio Service is all about.
It was part of the conclusion of what was a week-long Amateur Radio Week across Canada and the U.S. of the latest modes of digital and satellite capabilities, voice communications and even historical Morse code. It was Sponsored by the RAC and the ARRL, the National Associations for Amateur Radio in Canada and the U.S.
Known as Field Day, and with only emergency power supplies, ham operators recreated emergency stations.
Carman Collegiate’s Jeremy McGill is working towards getting his operator’s license and comes by the skill somewhat naturally – his father Rob is an experienced operator having obtained his license in December 1989.

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